The ZenSweet Company

The ZenSweet family

…was founded in 2015 by Corey Winer & Michelle Francis with a mission to bring delicious healthy food to all. A few years before ZenSweet was born, Corey & Michelle changed their eating habits and lifestyle in major ways. Michelle was diagnosed with many food sensitivities including wheat, eggs, sugar and milk to name a few. Corey and Michelle weren’t feeling as healthy and strong as they knew they could and sought a healthier lifestyle. Knowing they needed to eliminate processed, refined, and allergy causing foods they began to seek products to fit these health needs. Experiencing a lack of quality products in the marketplace Corey & Michelle began to create their own recipes. They tried to avoid any foods that caused inflammation or spikes in blood sugar. The market offerings did not taste good and definitely did not fit the needs for a low glycemic and allergy-free lifestyle.

After years of sugar-free and allergy-free cooking trials, we’ve brought our favorite family recipes together, creating The ZenSweet Company. We give you consistently delicious, innovative creations that are guaranteed allergy-free. We have a passion for food and service. Growing up in families that work in the food industry and still cook almost every meal at home, we are constantly surrounded by all things food. From our deep rooted love of food and people, our family’s passion is to create healthy alternatives for all to enjoy.