ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookie mix


Is there anything better than a soft, warm chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven? Other companies have said it before, but we bet you can’t eat just one! Our chocolate chip cookies taste just like homemade, without the hassle. We use a high quality 75% cacao chocolate chip and you will taste the difference. Only 2 ingredients to add to bake up cookies like Grandma made. Each bag makes 12 cookies

Vanilla Bean Cake mix

Vanilla Bean Cake Mix

Vanilla cake has forever been thought of as ‘boring’ or ‘plain’, but we will stop you right thereDoes delicate, fluffy and sweet sound boring?Didn’t think so. We stepped up ‘the gourmet’ a notch and added REAL vanilla bean that you can taste & see.You’ll be happy, but more importantly, your friends will be impressed!This Vanilla Bean Cake is incredible by itself or makes a perfect blank canvas for an infinite amount of recipes. Each bag makes one 8″ round cake or 12 cupcakes

Snickerdoole Cookie mix

Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix

What is a Snickerdoodle, you ask? Think about an amazingly simple ‘sugar’ cookie laced with cinnamon and you get this perfectly spiced treat that is impossible to resist. So good by itself or with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Only 2 simple ingredients to add. By the way, ONLY 3 NET CARBS per SERVING! I know, we just totally blew your mind. Enjoy!
Each bag makes 12 cookies.

ZenSweet Dark Chocoloate Brownie mix

Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix

Fudgy, dark chocolate brownies are where it’s at. ZenSweet Baking contains the highest quality ingredients and you can taste the difference. We tested over 30 types of cocoa until we found just the right one. Simply add unsweetened yogurt (non-dairy yogurt to keep it Vegan) and that’s it. When is the last time you enjoyed some real dark chocolate brownie batter? Try to resist, we dare you!
Each bag makes an 8×8 pan or 12 cupcakes.